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Jesus loves me for a Sunbeam,   To shine for him each day,   In every way try to please him,  At home, at school at play  A Sunbeam A Sunbeam,  Jesus wants me for a sunbeam,   A Sunbeam, A Sunbeam,   I'll be a Sunbeam for him.  Jesus wants me to be loving,  and kind to all I see,   showing how pleasant and happy,  his little ones can be.  A Sunbeam A Sunbeam,  Jesus wants me for a sunbeam,   A Sunbeam, A Sunbeam,   I'll be a Sunbeam for him.  Jesus wants me to be loving,  in everything I do,   showing how pleasant and happy,  his little ones can be.  A Sunbeam A Sunbeam,  Jesus wants me for a sunbeam,   A Sunbeam, A Sunbeam,   I'll be a Sunbeam for him.

History of Sunbeam

As a child, "Auntie Sandie" was taught the Sunday School Song, "Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam". This was a favourite of hers and the genesis for the Sunbeam Baby Care and Montessori Preschool which became a reality in 2003.

The Sunbeam's name started years ago in 1996 as a summer camp and grew into a reputable household name associated with children. Since then, The Sunbeam Reading and Finishing School, The Sunbeam Baby Care and Montessori Preschool all stemmed from this. With her love for children, Field-Kellman was able to diversify her business to reach more young ones,her focus always to engender good morals, good English diction, skills and a sound academic foundation to guide them through life.

About Auntie Sandie

Self described as "energetic and outspoken", Sandie Field-Kellman wears all her caps comfortably: as educator, mentor, volunteer, entrepreneur, motivator, and community activist. This enterprising Barbadian has received many national awards including the Tourism Award; the Golden Circles Award (Pinelands Creative Workshop) and numerous honours from the Girl Guides Association.

Auntie Sandie The Director/Owner of Sunbeam Schools not only pursued Early Childhood Education at Erdiston College, but completed a course in literacy and reading in Newark, USA. She spread her horizons much earlier by travelling to England and Switzerland for two years to attend The Lucy Clayton and Mrs. Goute's Finishing School respectively in 1972 and 1974. Sandie also gained a Diploma in Secretarial and Business Studies from Duff's Business College, Bridgetown, upon completing her secondary school education at St. Ursula's Convent School.

Sunbeam Camp

The Reading and Finishing School

Auntie Sandie

In 1990, this District Commissioner (girl Guides Association) began Sunbeam Camp –one of the first camps to cater to children over three vacation periods.
Her camp not only met the needs of parents by providing care for their children from the close of school to just before the re-opening, but by making her hours of operation convenient to her clients. From the start "Auntie Sandie" placed emphasis on providing a fun, holistic, culturally relevant and quality experience for her campers. Her roll went from an intimate group of 5 to more than 300 campers over the 22 years.

The educator and businesswoman from 1996 to present, opened The Sunbeam Reading and Finishing School, with the intention of providing for children with more focused attention in Reading, particularly those with Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).
Her roll of tutors, who worked at a pace dictated by the students, assisted their charges with setting realistic goals. In addition, adults sought one-on-one tuition with their reading challenges.
In 2003, two young students, Orlando Magloire and Shanie Harewood gained the institution's first National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) awards in Literacy Arts under the tutelage of tutor and award-winning writer Sandra Sealy. Their poems were subsequently published by the National Cultural Foundation in the Junior Winning Words Anthology.

Sunbeam Baby Care

Sunbeam Montessori Preschool

Sunbeam Baby Care was opened in 2000 with the view to provide quality care for infants by her trained and nurturing cadre of "Aunties".Then with the demand from parents for care for children ages 2 to 5 ½ years Sunbeam Montessori Preschool came into being.

The Sunbeam Montessori Preschool was opened in 2004. The programme includes child centered learning Montessori concepts, English grammar, diction and discipline. The attractive and well maintained Clapham-based school caters to small, manageable groups of approximately 70 children.

Sandie's commitment to community is exhibited in her 20 years with the Girl Guides Association; continuous service as a Sunday School Tutor with our Lady Queen of the Universe Roman Catholic Church and her wish "to provide a nurturing home for unwanted children". Sandie who was aptly christened "Sandra" meaning helper of mankind lives out her philosophy about life daily: "I believe that you should love and care for everybody that you come into contact with every day. Without that the world doesn't spin as it should." Back to Top

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Sunbean's Motto

"To develop rounded and
well-read students who are courteous, disciplined, responsible, confident and well spoken, with the ability to express their thoughts clearly."

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